I have no shielding for the pain and grief of these little ones slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.  I mourn their deaths.  I mourn the decay of all our humanity while we tolerate this in our society.  I have dreams of their cries.  But the Lord also gives me dreams of the passing of many saints carrying these little ones in their arms Home to their Father.  I see streams of persons walking through the Valley of Death carrying these babes already made whole again, singing the songs of Zion as they walk Home, like a gently flowing but powerfully deeply abiding River of Life.  I hear their songs praising our Father for His ever faithful Love, and their voices are a balm to my aching heart.  I weep.  I weep for grief.  I weep for joy.  The Lord is merciful indeed.  Alleluia.
Lord God, please pierce the hearts of all those who perform abortions.  Let them see the faces of the babies they are killing.  Let them repent.  May they turn away from this evil.  May they choose instead life.  I ask this in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  Amen.

Published by

Merry Lark

I am Christian, married, a pianist. My favorite composers to play are Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach. I'm also an avid reader of great literature, and I like to write: it helps me think. I try to avoid "tribal thinking"; I'm glad and grateful to be Catholic, but I believe all Christians are my brothers & sisters in Christ, those of the Jewish faith are my cousins/elders in faith, and all human-beings are my fellow beloved-children of God. I believe God is our Loving Creator. God loves everyone, no exceptions. The Holy Spirit is growing me in Christ. Other things about me: I can't stand bullies, but I still try to understand their point-of-view; I abhor cruelty, and I do my utmost to make peace inasmuch as it's up to me; I enjoy challenges, variety, spontaneity, color, but I also like solitude, quiet, order. My healing and my bliss is in recognizing I am part of the Body of Christ. Shalom!

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