Talking about YouTube – Waiting for Obama’s Apology


Quote A vote for Obama is a vote to slaughter millions more babies.  The Republicans will figure out how to reverse our economic mess AND do so while protecting the lives of innocent babies.  Obama may or may not reverse our economic distress; he wants to make America MORE socialized; do you know what that means?  Do your homework; research the situations in socialized countries.  Do you really want to end up paying more taxes and having fewer rights?  Obama is NOT our political savior.  There is no political "savior."  Here in America WE are responsible.  So essentially, will you vote for Life or for Death?  A vote for Obama is a vote for the Culture of Death.  A vote for McCain is a vote for the Culture of Life. 

YouTube – Waiting for Obama’s Apology


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Merry Lark

I am Christian, married, a pianist. My favorite composers to play are Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach. I'm also an avid reader of great literature, and I like to write: it helps me think. I try to avoid "tribal thinking"; I'm glad and grateful to be Catholic, but I believe all Christians are my brothers & sisters in Christ, those of the Jewish faith are my cousins/elders in faith, and all human-beings are my fellow beloved-children of God. I believe God is our Loving Creator. God loves everyone, no exceptions. The Holy Spirit is growing me in Christ. Other things about me: I can't stand bullies, but I still try to understand their point-of-view; I abhor cruelty, and I do my utmost to make peace inasmuch as it's up to me; I enjoy challenges, variety, spontaneity, color, but I also like solitude, quiet, order. My healing and my bliss is in recognizing I am part of the Body of Christ. Shalom!

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