What’s a Word Worth?

Quick post on Ventivox about the cost of words, and the priceless-ness of silence!

Source: What’s a Word Worth?


Font Experiment

Examples of fonts (not necessarily available on WP)
Examples of fonts (not necessarily available on WP)

How does one change the font or point size in WordPress within a post?

Do I have any choice in this after I’ve selected the template?

This is utilizing Ctrl + 1 for “Heading 1”

Next line, automatically reverted to “Paragraph”

Here is “Heading 2”; let’s see if this lasts beyond a line even if I don’t hit the enter key; yes it did!

And here we are back to “Paragraph” — because I hit enter.

So, as far as I can tell, the font style is determined by the template I choose for the whole blog.  But I can change the size (point) of font by using the “heading ___” or paragraph option.

Hmmm; I wonder what size is most inviting to the most people?

Blog Structure Diagram

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