First Blog entry using Windows Live Writer

French script at 24

Papyrus at 24

Pristina at 24

Segoe script at 24

Tempus sans itz at 24

I think we’ll start w/ Pristina at 24.

First question is: Where-all does this blog appear? Does it first “publish” to my live space? and then my live space settings determine who can see it?  Let’s find out!

Chez ML

Chez ML is now where I put many of my favorite things.  It’s basically my home on-line.  If I’m going to create a space especially for my students, it’s going to have to be somehow a semi-closed space; basically members-only, and the members will be my piano students (current and future-former) and their parents.  I don’t know if I’ll use Live Space for this or not.  We’ll see.  I have yet to find out what my options are.Thinking

My Live Space

Now that I’ve played with adding more modules and editing my space, I realize that I probably won’t be able to create a space that is ATTRACTIVE to ALL AGES!!!  However, I hope I’m putting together something that will appeal to my friends, family, colleagues, students; especially those ages 11-21???  We’ll see!  Regardless, I’d appreciate comments, suggestions from anyone at this point!!!  Thanks!

First Blog on Windows Live Space

This is my first blog via this space.  My goal is to create a space for my students to communicate w/ me as their piano teacher.  I want the site to be very safe (for ages 5 and up), preferably no ads popping up, yet "hip" enough to be fun for my junior-high students!  I have a MySpace space, and I’ve played w/ it, but I haven’t yet invited my students to use it because I don’t think it’s "safe" enough.  Are there other private music teachers out there doing something similar?  Any suggestions?  I’m new to the tech-scene!  Help!