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Name Nine

“Name Nine” is a trivia game I made up.  It can be played without any accouterments.  For my piano students, I designed a board-game version with music-related categories.  The game-pieces are hand-size busts of composers!  😉

via Name Nine

Anywhere Anyway

I’m human here, I’m human there,
I am human everywhere!
Makes no difference what skin I’m in,
Matters not who is my kin,
Looking goth or glam or status quo;
I’m still human where-‘er I go!
I am old, I am young,
I am pro- or anti- gun.
I am sick, I am well;
I am quiet, I sometimes yell;
Sometimes some will even say
I am surely on my way
Up to Heaven or going straight to Hell!
But only God and time will tell.
This one thing I am most sure;
It is true, it will endure:
We’re each unique, yet all the same;
We are human, we have a name;
We’re not numbers, ideas, or things;
We are sacred human-beings.
Matters not our vocation;
Matters not our location:
In or out of mother’s womb
From conception unto tomb,
We are human, we are sacred.
Stop the killing, stop the hatred.
On this side, or on that,
East, west, south, north on the map,
We are human, we are sacred.
Stop the killing, stop the hatred.

(Another Seuss-esque From-the-desk
of one who would say
love each other