Easy Peasy!

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Get Going With Grammarly! This is my first time using Grammarly. I think I’m using it in the “desktop” version. I’m not really sure because I first installed it in my browser. I think I have access to it everywhere I write. It looks like there are many great features available even at the entry/free level. I’ll probably stick with the free version because that’s what I can afford and because it seems to suffice. So, for this first-time use, I’m going to see if I can export this to a blog. Let’s see how it goes! I’m going to try to send this to one of my WordPress blogs. Let’s go to ChezML Here we go!

The Journey Begins

I started another blog! “Minding Your Peace And Queues” is about etiquette!  More specifically how I hope to balance defining and communicating personal boundaries with extending kindness and courtesy to others.  I plan to explore doing this in an “advice column” style, except that the advice will primarily be for myself! 😉

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