Mango Allergy

I drank some Mango juice on Tuesday afternoon.  I’ve been contending w/ a bad allergic reaction ever since.  Might have to go to Dr. on Monday to see if I need a shot.  Two Benadryl every 4 hours isn’t cutting it!

New Season

Today, after my daily exercise, I started my 7-day Detox program (Arbonne).  The "program" includes a detox drink to be sipped throughout the day, and washes and lotions…  The main thing is that I will eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and 1 boiled egg each day.  No junk food.  No fats.  Lots of water.
Today I’m starting a few other things, all part of my new season:  the new arrangement of my work at St. Mary’s, the new school year (effects Piano Lessons), a renewed committment to lose weight, and the start of some exciting books!