Publishing via Windows Live Writer

This is an experiment.  I’ve written one blog in the blog module for Hooley Piano Studio.  Now I’m writing in Windows Live Writer and I want to see if I can publish to the right place… If this is set up to normally publish to "Chez ML," how do I create an option of sending to a different space?  Well, I tried to ADD another Weblog account, but from the navigation pane, it looks like I’ve just switched from "Chez ML" to "Hooley Piano Studio."  How do I make both available?  What if I want to post a blog to more than one place?

Hey! I think it worked!  So, via the Weblog pull-down menu, I can select which weblog I publish to!  I’ve already published the above to Hooley Piano Studio.  Now, w/ this added paragraph, I’ll publish to Chez ML.  Here goes…