First blog Post-Computer-Reset on July 1, 2008

Yesterday I had to reset my computer to "factory condition."  It was the only way we could resolve certain issues.  Now I have a Maxtor to back up my files.  If I have any more problems, I should be able to retrieve saved file.  I didn’t realize before how many things are considered "files"!  I didn’t realize how many programs and apps I would lose via this reset!  It took 2 and 1/2 hours to diagnose the problem and reset.  Then it took all afternoon, much of the evening, and most of this morning to retrieve the components I wanted to restore.  What a lesson!

Today’s To-doing


Tidied-up front deck (minimal)

Tidied-up back deck (minimal)

Cut over-grown bamboo

Added to poetry scrapbook

Caught up on personal mail

Showered and dressed

Yet to do today:

Clean up kitchen

Dust public rooms

Clean guest bath

Update Studio Policies/ Tuition

Interview prospective student

Prep deposits

Jesus is calling!

meet_schroeder_big I’m listening to Dave Brubeck’s CD "Take Five" while I brew a pot of coffee and write this blog.  This is one of those days when it’s a lovely day, things are going well, getting lots done, spent some quality time w/ a friend, and w/ my husband, wrote a letter, and still… I feel that deep inner loneliness that I know only God can fill.  My experience has been however that God doesn’t choose to FILL His Space!!!  My Lord seems to enjoy a roomy, uncluttered chamber!  When I conjure up a visual image for Jesus snuggled up in my heart, I see this large open wooden-floored ball-room-like salon with grand floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto a lovely half-wild garden.  The room itself just has one piece of furniture, a large inviting couch.  There’s a rug on the floor in front of it w/ a few floor pillows.  Christ is resting on the couch!  Sometimes He’s sleeping, sometimes I find Him waiting for me to join Him.   Sometimes we sit on the couch together; sometimes I sit at His feet.  Sometimes we walk and talk intimately in the room gazing out the windows; sometimes we go out into the garden and just enjoy Being together!


Usually, when I feel this Holy Loneliness I first feel it as a hunger, and then an ache.  As I let go of all other longings and simply enter into my empty room w/ Christ, I begin to feel the sweetness of the pull to attend… Attend to Christ’s quiet voice?  I’m not really sure how to describe what I feel.  I’ve heard others try to describe how it is for them.  There are always similarities, but I’m sure our words are always inadequate however similar or dissimilar our actual experience.


Well, it’s time for me to let go of this too!  Jesus is calling! 🙂

Publishing via Windows Live Writer

This is an experiment.  I’ve written one blog in the blog module for Hooley Piano Studio.  Now I’m writing in Windows Live Writer and I want to see if I can publish to the right place… If this is set up to normally publish to "Chez ML," how do I create an option of sending to a different space?  Well, I tried to ADD another Weblog account, but from the navigation pane, it looks like I’ve just switched from "Chez ML" to "Hooley Piano Studio."  How do I make both available?  What if I want to post a blog to more than one place?

Hey! I think it worked!  So, via the Weblog pull-down menu, I can select which weblog I publish to!  I’ve already published the above to Hooley Piano Studio.  Now, w/ this added paragraph, I’ll publish to Chez ML.  Here goes…