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Prayer for Richard Dawkins


Lord-God, Heavenly Father, Abba!  Thank You that You are!  Thank You that You have created me in such a way that I may know You!  Thank You Lord for my parents who taught me about You.  Thank You Lord that You are indeed the Creator of all that is!  Lord, I just want to praise You!  Your work is marvelous to behold!  And Your Love is boundless.  Thank You that You are One, that You are Truth, and that Truth cannot contradict itself.  Thank You that Your Word fulfills it’s purpose.  Thank You for coming to us in the flesh in Jesus Christ.  Thank You that Jesus IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life; thank You that I may know His Name, and that I may come to You through Him.

Abba, Father, Papa!  I cry out to You for all those who don’t know You personally.  I grieve for those whose minds are imprisoned in the darkness of lies.  Papa!  I pray especially right now for those who believe and teach the theory of evolution.  I pray especially for the Christians who don’t yet perceive the evil implications of this evil materialistic mind-set. 

And at least once Lord, I want to raise before You Richard Dawkins.  First I do thank You Lord for his honesty about his belief re evolution and his anti-belief about You and his recognition that it is truly logical to be/come an atheist when one fully understands and embraces the theory of evolution.  I thank You Lord for his candor w/ Ben Stein.  Lord, I know You are sovereign.  Praise You!  So I am confident that You can use Dawkins for Your own purpose whether he acknowledges You or not!  But as for the state of his soul, Lord, I offer You my little prayer that he too may come to see Your Light.  Lord, who will go to him?  Who can reach him?  You can, Lord!  Your Holy Spirit can reach him!  Would You like to send someone Lord who could help him break down the wall of his hateful rebellion against You Lord?

Lord, out of Your great Love, You struck down apostle Paul off his horse.  You let him know his blindness.  You allowed him to encounter Yourself.  You gave him the gift of faith.

Lord, I ask you to confront Dawkins.  Maybe You have already done so through Ben Stein’s interview for "Expelled."  But Lord, I ask You to send Your Holy Spirit.  Hound Dawkins!  When Ben asked him what he would do if he died and met You, what would he say when You ask ‘What have you been doing [w/ your life]?’ Dawkins admitted he would say like Bertram Russell "why have You hid Yourself?"

Lord, have You really hid Yourself from anyone?  I just don’t believe You have!  I know You allow us to reject You; You don’t force Yourself on us.  And yet You come to us again and again!

Lord, I plead w/ You to show Yourself to Dawkins in a way he can’t deny.  And before You do, I ask You to send him someone who can prepare the way.  Till the ground of his soul, Lord.  Furrow his conscience, so that when You plant the seed of Truth, he has a chance to acknowledge You.  I pray for the salvation of his soul, Lord.  I pray that he may let himself be found by Thee.

And Lord, I admit, I’m also begging You for this miracle because it seems it would be such a glorious witness for You!

But Lord, I know You are sovereign.  I know You know what You’re doing!!!  So, Thy will be done, Lord.  Here and now, forever and ever.

Praise be Thee Father-God, praise be Jesus Christ, praise be Your Holy Spirit.  Holy art Thou!  Alleluia!