Pruning Process

brown woven hat over brown wooden round table top
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I’ve started deleting many of my blogs and some posts from some I will keep or import/integrate into others I plan to keep – at least for a while.

It feels great!  It turns out I not only enjoy planting but also pruning!

It was clear I had created too many blogs.  I couldn’t keep up with them.  But it was fun to explore the ideas swirling in my head while I formatted the templates and wrote some posts.  I’m glad I can allow myself to explore in this way. The creation of a space where I can explore my thoughts in a (nominally) public way has accomplished a couple of important facets of healing within me.

  1. Creating space for these thoughts is my way of affirming myself that these thoughts have some legitimacy.
  2. Allowing them to be public is an act of shedding shame.
  3. Writing my thoughts is a way of claiming and using my voice.
  4. Spending time on these projects is my active valuing of them.
  5. And now, letting them go is my way of affirming my growth toward wholeness; I don’t need them anymore.  I can make new spaces for new thoughts!  (Or more to the point: I can invest myself in the realms I need to explore right now for my current growth.)