Vintage Pianists

What a treat!  I’ve just been exploring YouTube videos of Horowitz, Van Cliburn, and other great pianists.  I love hearing the unedited, live sound w/ the paradoxically warm black-and-white footage.  One of my all-time favorite music videos is of Horowitz playing Schumann’s "Aus Fremden Landen" in the then-Soviet Union.  The camera pans the audience, and you see everyone is enchanted, practically enthralled!  Except that the very essence of the moment is the opposite: everyone is there by choice, for love!  I hope all pianists, especially piano students and young budding artists see these vintage films sometime.

My Live Space

Now that I’ve played with adding more modules and editing my space, I realize that I probably won’t be able to create a space that is ATTRACTIVE to ALL AGES!!!  However, I hope I’m putting together something that will appeal to my friends, family, colleagues, students; especially those ages 11-21???  We’ll see!  Regardless, I’d appreciate comments, suggestions from anyone at this point!!!  Thanks!

First Blog on Windows Live Space

This is my first blog via this space.  My goal is to create a space for my students to communicate w/ me as their piano teacher.  I want the site to be very safe (for ages 5 and up), preferably no ads popping up, yet "hip" enough to be fun for my junior-high students!  I have a MySpace space, and I’ve played w/ it, but I haven’t yet invited my students to use it because I don’t think it’s "safe" enough.  Are there other private music teachers out there doing something similar?  Any suggestions?  I’m new to the tech-scene!  Help!