New Techie Stuff

I’m writing this on my relatively new Surface Pro, using the newly downloaded Windows 8.1.  I like very much how it is performing.

I have a Dell laptop (a sort of Cadillac of its class) on which I more commonly use a Google browser and search engine than any other.  I have a Samsung Galaxy smart phone with (Google?) apps, which I like very much.  And I have this Surface with Windows.  One of these days, I intend to go down to BestBuy and let the geeks their counsel me on how I might choose one system for all my gadgets.  I think I might prefer the Google world, but I really like this Surface, and I need to learn what the benefits and limitations of each are, and which fits me better.   At this point, I think I’ve ruled out the iWorld, although not absolutely; I just REALLY like my PC and my Android!  I should probably do my consult w/ BestBuy this June before my benefits package runs out.