Why Yellow?

Ohmyword.  I just discovered yellow.  When I was growing up, I didn’t like the color yellow.  I thought yellow was trite.  Sticky notes, smiley faces, and dandelions are yellow.  I thought yellow was boring.  School buses, pencils, and bananas are yellow.  I thought yellow was strangely ambiguous like the signal between stop and go, plastic police tape, and honey bees that sting!  Yellow is the color of old women’s hair that’s been dyed a gazillion times too many in an ineffectual attempt to look young.  Good grief, yellow is the color of pee!

In my 20’s I thought anyone who liked yellow must be a bit of a simpleton.  How can anyone in touch w/ reality be that happy?  I had a friend who was passionate about yellow, and, even though I thought highly of her in other regards, I felt sure some part of her brain must have been lobotomized for her to be so enthralled w/ yellow.

In my 30’s I noticed I really liked Chartreuse, but I saw it as a quirky green.  I still do.  Chartreuse is not yellow.  Chartreuse is a free-thinking green that took the road less traveled.  Chartreuse is the color of gold-finches and Helleborus.

In my 40’s I decided subdued tones of orange can work as occasional accents.  Orange is not yellow.  Orange has experience and intensity.  Orange has character.  Orange is vintage red.  Poppies and sunsets and orioles are orange.

Today, I hung some yellow drapes in the blue bedroom and discovered why yellow is a good thing.  Yellow is sunshine!  Yellow is gladness freely flowing!  Yellow is the color of blessing and unmitigated joy!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was like I had discovered the secret that could bring peace to the world!

The only problem now is I can’t sleep in that bedroom: I’m too excited by all that happiness.