Font Experiment

Examples of fonts (not necessarily available on WP)
Examples of fonts (not necessarily available on WP)

How does one change the font or point size in WordPress within a post?

Do I have any choice in this after I’ve selected the template?

This is utilizing Ctrl + 1 for “Heading 1”

Next line, automatically reverted to “Paragraph”

Here is “Heading 2”; let’s see if this lasts beyond a line even if I don’t hit the enter key; yes it did!

And here we are back to “Paragraph” — because I hit enter.

So, as far as I can tell, the font style is determined by the template I choose for the whole blog.  But I can change the size (point) of font by using the “heading ___” or paragraph option.

Hmmm; I wonder what size is most inviting to the most people?


Blog Structure Diagram

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