Right Now

10 Things I am grateful for right now:

1) God’s Presence, Love, and the Spirit’s inexplicable Peace.

2) Caring spouse, family, and friends.

3) My home.

4) Enough stability (internally and externally) I can face current disturbances without becoming debilitated.

5) Music, always music!  (Right now, Bossa Nova’s in particular.)

6) Prayer!  The amazing gift of prayer: always available, always free, always grace.

7) My cats, coffee, books, and all simple pleasures.

8) Showering!  I’m always so grateful to experience clean, warm water!

9) My dad, and all the people in his dementia ward: it’s amazing how nourishing is the fellowship amongst people who are Just Being.  Exercising my being-present to the Present is such a present!!! Such great gift. Amazing grace.

10) My dad’s amazingly consistent faith in the Lord: what a nourishing inspiration.