15 Songs for Puerto Rican Pride

This is a GREAT collection of Puerto Rican music that traces a thread of PR history. I will return to this over and over again. Me encanta!



What do I love most about Puerto Rico? I guess it’s the cocos. They’re like my head. Hard.

Then again, there  are the plátanos. They stain my skin. In a good way.


Anyway, I’ve gotten some bugging from certain social media interests to compile my own list of songs that make me “Happy” about being Puerto Rican, something along the lines of BuzzFeed’s attempt last year. I don’t know what to tell you but this idea of posting a bunch of large images accompanied by pithy text is not my idea of a good time. But hey, like Bob Marley used to say, If dem cap fit, let them wear it. So here’s my playlist for today (Day of All Days, mind you).

1) Puerto Rico. Eddie Palmieri

A song often used to start off many a great university radio station salsa shows. This is like Palmieri’s third…

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I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the school I went to in PR.  Using various internet maps w/ satelite option, I was able to find our house, the hospital, the church, and the public square, even though  everything is dramatically more developed than when I was there.  But I wasn’t able to find the school.  So frustrating!  I also couldn’t find the monastery where my brother and I snuck into the bell tower hoping to ring the bell.  First time we tried it, we were caught by a monk who chased us out.  Second time we tried it we were caught by a monk who took us up into the tower and let us look around at the city below.  That is even now, forty plus years later, a cherished memory.  God bless all monks, especially the hospitable ones! 😉